Why Career Check?

CareerCheck.ca specializes in Pre-Employment Background Screening Checks.  With our parent company being a Recruitment and Search Firm, we understand how integral Background Checks are to organizations seeking to add staff.  Pre-Employment Checks are an important part of the hiring process as they can provide insight and a window into the past of your potential hire.  However, checks are not only limited to future hires.  Organizations are consistently performing background checks on existing employees to ensure continued fit with the organization.  Please visit our Services page to find out more about the types of Background Screening Checks that fit your needs.


It has been noted that Pre-Employment Background Checks can offer the following benefits:

  • A reduction in long-term organizational costs as it relates to recruitment, turnover, training, new hire orientation, etc.
  • Increased rate of qualified candidates who fit the job opening
  • Higher workforce attendance
  • Avoidance of employee / negligent hiring litigation
  • A mental ease of knowing the individual you hired / existing employee has been screened